Taxation of Expats

An expat or expatriate  is a person provisionally residing and employed in  different country while the remaining citizen of his native land. Taxation of such expat employees requires a slightly modified computation than  tax computed for a routine employee of an


Tax Deducted at Source(TDS), is a system of indirect taxation introduced by Indian government. It is mechanism for collecting income tax directly at source of income generation. Under TDS,  person or entity making specified payments as rent,salary, interest,  commission, etc.

PAN requirement for international taxation

PAN REQUIREMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TAXATION: A PAN is  unique alphanumeric identifier issued by  Indian Income Tax Department to individuals and entities for the purpose of taxation. While PAN is primarily used for the domestic tax purposes in India, it is

Process of PAN and AADHAAR linking

PAN AND AADHAAR LINKING Linking your PAN and Aadhaa is  mandatory requirement imposed by the government of INDIA. This process of linking PAN and Aadhaar helps in reducing the tax evasion and ensuring that individuals are not using multiple PAN

How to audit fixed assets

Any organization, no matter of size or industry, knowing how to audit the fixed audits can help to reduce duplication and waste, theft and the loss; track depreciation accurately; and eliminate fraud, among other noted benefits. Here are the  Benefits


corporate tax on corporate income Corporate income tax rate applicable to an Indian company and a foreign company will not be the same. Corporate income tax (CIT) rates for the year 2022-2023 is : Income CIT rate (%) Turnover does



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