GST  refunds are typically available for the  taxpayers who meet certain eligibility criteria.After paying the GST payment .you will come to know wether you are eligible for applying for returns or not.


What is GST refund process?

GST refund can be applied in can also take the help of professionals ,who can help to complete the process .

INCOMETAX  FILING  PRO can  assist you in following:

  • Filing application of refund.

  • Preparation the complete documentation for refund process

  • Preparation of the declaration of non-passing of incidence of tax to other person

  • All required certificationswe provide

  • Representation before department on behalf of clients

  • Regular follow-ups with  department for getting refunds at the earliest

  • Any consultancy related  refunds

If you are registered person and want to claim for  GST TAX REFUND.  You can reach us at for any issues related to GST refund.


IT Filing Due Date 2023

1.If you pay excess amount or omission of some taxes

2.If the purchase is made by UN  bodies.

3.For international tourism you will get tax refund.

4.Finalisation of provisional assesments.

5.ITC accumulation


Refund calculation under GST

GST refund calculator for any of general case  as follows. First, you need to calculate  liability for time duration when making a GST payment. From this amount, deduct of  the GST payment. If there is  excess, that is the refund sum you are eligible to receive. So, refund calculation under GST becomes easy.

you need to submit  RFD-01 form online through GST portal. Follow this steps:

Step 1: First go to the GSTN portal.

Step 2: Find  RFD-01 application form.

Step 3:  you will receive  SMS or email with  unique acknowledgement number.

Step 4: Check  ITC for a reduction in carrying forward.

Step 5: Calculate the GST refund to understand whether the amount is reduced in tallying.

Step 6: Within the  30 days of applying, authorities will check and validate the refund.

Step 7: Tax Authorities will also be on guard against any of the unjust enrichment.

Step 8: If the  claim is found to be violating the unjust enrichment, your refund amount will get sent to  Consumer Welfare Fund or CWF.

Step 9: You can also expect the authorities to calculate  GST refund, and in case the refund amount stated by you is morer than  one they have figured, a pre-audit procedure will begin.

Step 10: Refund amount will be directly credited to applicant’s account through NEFT, ECS, or RTGS.

The GST refund rules are as follows:


Individuals has to make any GST claims for  refund at the end of each quarter.

In any situation where the amount to be refunded is less than Rs. 1000, no the refund amount will be provided.


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