Tax returns has to be filed by any  individuals and businesses with the tax authorities to report their yearly income, expenses, deductions, and other financial information for a tax year. The tax returns is  a formal way of declaration of your taxable income and help determine the amount of tax you owe or the refund you may be eligible   to recivce for the specific year.

The main purpose of filing a tax return is to comply with the tax laws and regulations of our country. Tax returns provide the necessary financial information to calculate the correct amount of income tax owed to the government.

There are different types of tax returns to file ,depending on your profession type of income and  your tax status . For example, individual taxpayers supposed to  file personal income tax returns, while businesses file corporate tax returns.

In general Tax returns are typically filed annually. The filing deadline varies sometimes government extends due date based on some reasons, but it is often set to be close to the end of the tax year.

Every Taxpayer must report all their sources of income, such as salaries, wages, interest,profits,income on properties, dividends, capital gains,  business income and other source of income.

In India tax authorities allow taxpayers to file  tax returns electronically, known as e-filing. E-filing offers convenience, faster processing, and may even provide confirmation of submission.

Some individuals and businesses choose to hire tax apreparing professionals , such as accountants or tax professionals, to assist with tax return preparation 

Filing tax returns accurately and on time is important to meet legal requirements, avoid penalties, and claim any refunds owed. It is always advisable to keep copies of filed tax returns and supporting documents for reference and  for any potential future audits / inquiries.

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